Much Ado About Nothing

By William Shakespeare

The Bermuda Festival of Performing Arts

July 2021

The war is over and a new life of hope and possibility awaits. Don Pedro of Aragon and his soldiers - Claudio and Benedick among them - are invited by Duke Leonato to stay with him and his family at their estate. Claudio and Leonato's daughter, Hero, fall madly in love and agree to marry. Benedick and Leonato's niece, Beatrice, however, swear that they despise love and can barely stand to be in the same room as each other.

Everyone begins to see through the "merry war" of wit between Beatrice and Benedick and, realizing that they are actually perfect for each other, plot to bring them together. However, this tale of secret love is intertwined with jealousies, deception and mischief. What could it take for this new world of peace to be threatened?

A hilarious, heartfelt, and vibrant play, 'Much Ado' asks what it costs us to give over to the vulnerabilities of love, and what might await us if we have the courage to return to the thrill of the everyday.

Featuring Bermudian and international artists, Venture Theatre's Much Ado About Nothing will be presented in July 2021 as part of the 46th Bermuda Festival of the Performing Arts.

Leigha Sinnott as Laura Wingfield